Why our families are so important to us.

February 6, 2011

It is Super bowl Sunday and my husband is getting ready for the big event.  I am not a television fan because I was raised without television and live a lot of my adult life overseas without it.  So, I do not feel I need to watch it although I do love the cooking channel and travel channel.

Thinking about how families are getting ready for the big football event has me pondering on how much energy we spend as a family unit getting excited about being outside.  I am not speaking about time at the  beach but time in the cold when we have to bundle up before we go outside.

I have had several privileges  of watching my granddaughters over the weekends when we had snow on the ground.
They were so ready at 7 AM to head out to the great outdoors.  Experience told me that 20 degrees is a little chilly for 3 year old so we waited until it got to 35 degrees.  I bundled them up and headed outside.  After several minutes, the twins started to complain about being hot.  Several minutes later one of the twins complained that they had to use the restroom.  I thought this was so comical that I text my son-in- law, James, who so involved with the twins, and told him of my situation and humor of it.

after a bathroom break we proceeded  as mini pioneer woman to the  our pond.   We hiked up and down our farm listening to birds, watching deer, squirrels and raccoons.

Soon the girls grew tired and wanted to go home to grandma’s house for hot chocolate.  We started our way back to the house but I noticed that the closer we got, the slower the twins moved to getting back inside.  They had warmed themselves up walking up the hill and were now ready for more.  I told them of stories of how their mom and her sisters loved being outside.  They hid amongst the evergreens and made believe they were invisible.  Nana did not disrupt the surprise.

I am a teacher who teaches in inner city schools where my parents tell their children not to go outside while they were away at work.  I have had students tell me that the lamp shade in their bedroom took a bullet on a late Saturday night. Where they ask me why the electric bill is coming in their name when they are in 4th grade.

What can I do to make a difference?  I am teaching them to read. We,  as a society, need to take simple steps to correct the mess our nation is in.  I am mean, we are a mess.  Students have lost instructional time because our elected officials can not balance the budget.  Who suffers here?  Your thoughts……………

See you later,


My closing thoughts, family is the most important part of your life.  God chose them for you….no one else.

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  1. Nora
    Feb 06, 2011 @ 20:29:23

    How true. So many children nowadays are parked in front of computers and video games instead of doing homework or playing outside on weekends. With all of the snow this country has had to endure, this is the perfect time for sledding and snowball fights. We are making some snowballs today and putting them in the downstairs freezer for a Fourth of July. Crazy but why not. We don’t watch the big Super Bowl game each year but hats off to those who enjoy it. I used to watch it just for the commercials years ago but now not so much. Enjoying the beauty outside is a great teacher too. It changes daily and holds many surprises for all.


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