Puddle Day!

February 7, 2011

Hi.  We have the pleasure of hosting our granddaughters for the night.  It is a treat for all involved.  We started out our day on a long walk through the woods.  I am still amazed at the simple mysteries that lie within a mud puddle.  The attraction was strong as  Jocelyn and Abigail each took turns discovering them and then “sharing” them.  The water was clear and the sediment was backed down from all of the snow.

We found the teddy bear that fell out of Jocelyn hood along the way.  After a big family reunion, they  continued to climb hills and race around.  There was only one incident of dirt throwing.

Spending time outside with children is so important for mental health.  Of course, I will not mention the pile of muddy socks, pants and gloves that went into the wash as soon as it got cold outside.

Inside my office, the girls discovered that the tomato plants that they planted are getting a lot bigger.  The spearmint they planted are growing “like  beans stalks” stated Jocelyn.   Abbie is just pleased.  She is standing next to her avocado plant and petting its leaf.  This was of course after she kissed it.

Getting children involved with planting is a very rewarding experience.

Meatballs are simmering on the stove in homemade tomato sauce that my daughter, Julia, loves so much that she eats it cold out of the jar.  I think I will show the girls how to bake fresh bread


See you later,




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