Saturday and Nutella on Pretzels

I spent the early part of my morning babying my tomato plants.  The little ones look so cute.  They are thriving in my little office.

One of my chickens does not look well.  I am going to Google her symptoms and see if there is anything I can do about it.  She is starting to get picked on by the other chickens.  I will baby her as much as I can.

After our breakfast, I hit the laptop and spent nearly 6 hours editing and typing recipes that I have hand written over the years.  My eyes are strained but I did get a lot accomplished.  I was shocked to find out yesterday what the cost is to self publish a book using the software that was free on the Internet.  I decided to go back into Publisher and continue from there.  Unfortunately, I could not cut and paste the work back into publisher and it was a lot of time spent recuperating my work.  Lesson learned.

I am glad I took the jar of Nutella and a bag of pretzels upstairs with me to distract me from the fact that I needed to retypes about 30 pages of recipes.  Nutella is the best!

Well, I just sent Pop Pop to get some more bananas and treats for Abbie and Jocelyn.  They are due to arrive soon.   After the daily hike,  our little rascals are hungry.

I just love to see them outside, wading through mud and playing with the chickens.  My heart goes pitter patter!

I will try to give you an update tomorrow as to their shanigans.

In hope,







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