Dusting off my camera

I used to take pictures all the time.  I would have that camera around my neck that it felt like a part of my identity.  But I don’t know what happened.  I just fell into a state of photographic inactivity.  I cannot put a pulse on what exactly happened because it was gradual.  It wasn’t that I did not feel creative anymore it was just because.

Digital cameras came out.  I have one and use it a lot not mostly because it is so instant. like the old Polaroid sitting in my closet.  Try getting film for that one.

So I have decided to take out my camera gear and dust it off.  I was mortified to discover the batteries in my flash had never been removed causing a leakage.  As a former photoshop employee, I reminisced about how I felt when people brought this in for me to fix.  I never would have imagine that it was I doing to deed.  But I did repair it and away I went.

I started first with a photo essay in my kitchen.  I would post it but it is of goose jerky preparation for my #2 cookbook.  Not that this matters but it is not for the weak of heart or vegans for that matter.  I was surprised how the feeling of creativity came back.  It was cool.  The only problem with film cameras you have to get the film developed.  With food photography, this could be problematic especially if the photos do not come out right.

I discovered that I can use my Nikon lenses on a Nikon D90 camera.  This would allow me to have more control ( there I go again) over the depth of field and f-stops.  I would love to set up a dark room in the basement.

First, I will work on saving up for the camera body. I just need the body nothing else.  But the price of seven hundred dollars is a bit much these days.

So I will continue to play with film until I hit lotto or I save up my pin money weekly for 14 weeks.  HA!

Keeping in touch,





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  1. Nora
    Mar 01, 2011 @ 02:48:11

    Margaret: Funny how life goes, Nick just ordered a polarizing filter, a fish eye lens and another lens for his Sony digital camera. I took out the old photos of Tucson and showed him the pix you took with the cross screen filter, fish eye lens, colored filters etc and in a few of the pix, you were there with the camera around your neck. I’m so glad I have those memories of all the parties in the desert before sunset in Tucson and all of our wonderful friends who used to visit us out there. The camera is such a wonderful tool, keep clicking and you will have memories to last through your lifetime, and those of your grandchildren as well. Wonderful post. Thank you sweetie.


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