I have the twins for the night.  Actually, Rick  had them for the later part of the afternoon as I was at a doctor’s appointment.  They greeted me at the door, so excited to tell me all the fun they had with  Pop Poop which included cookies, a walk in the woods, chickens and dogs.  When they finally came back inside, I was minutes away.  All were starving.  Good old Nana had defrosted left over chicken tenders, homemade from Saturday.  They, including Pop Pop devoured them.  After that it was bananas…….things that are round and reading books from Aunt Mary or shall I put it more appropriately…….great Aunt Mary.  They speak of my sisters often, Marian and Nora and Mary.  Certain things I say or do remind them of something that sparks their memory.  They do not see my twin, Marian a lot as she lives in Arizona but Marian is extremely generous in her gifts and they remember that.  Actually, Jocelyn is very good at this.  She needs to study music or a foreign language  because her memory is almost photographic.   Uncles also play into their lives as they love uncle John’s ice cream and Uncle Jim’s dogs and jump ropes.

I was happy to see that both Abby and Jocelyn liked Ahi tuna with Asian slaw.  As Pop Pop said, who wouldn’t.  They are now in the tub, relaxing with cream cycle flavored bubbles and yellow ducks.  I am in  the next room typing and have been happily interrupted several times.

I received an anonymous gift of a cookbook in the mail today.    Entitled Chickens and Eggs and I knew right away that it was from Mary.  She is incredibly thoughtful and knows the importance, like we all of us Amoroso’s girls do, of family.  Gotta run,,,,,,,,,,,, J says the water is getting cold.

Talk to you soon,



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