I read my horoscope this morning and it stated that I was going to have a productive day.   Well, productive, with chronic pain is an anomaly.  I did water the tomato plants and manage to write for a little while.  My husband has the flu and I am babying him as best as I can since he has been my Godsend since the injury.

I have decided that I like writing a lot and am considering doing a cartoon or some publication on a regular basis.  Sitting is a problem  but I can walk around until that hurts and then I can sit until t hat hurts.  OK. I will stop feeling sorry for myself.

Blogging is an interesting form of communication.  I never realized how interesting it could be to do this on a sort of regular schedule.  The feedback I am getting is fun.  I never realized that people would like my recipes or like to hear about the antics of two three year old twins who are on the GO as soon as their feet hit the floor.

I remember talking to a real estate friend of mine several years ago when she told me she had a granddaughter.  She said she loved staying in bed in the morning and waiting for her grand baby to come in to visit. I absolutely love snuggle time.  We plan our day and just goof off.  Knock knock jokes are a must.

Nana:  Knock knock

J: Who’s there?

Nana:  Irish

A: Irish who?

Nana: I wish you a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

A&J:  What’s that……………..

Until next time.

In hope,


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amelia
    Mar 13, 2011 @ 20:25:54

    Hi Margaret — I liked the chickpea recipe and all the ingredients are available on island, so that counts for a lot. I was reading about you compiling your cookbook/recipes and you might want to look at the free software Calibre. I use it to turn simple text files into ebooks for myself especially for my Kindle, but it will make other formats, too. Then you could distribute/give/sell your book without paper printing.


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