Like Bernadette would do…………..

We  spent the last few days directing the digging of  new homes for grapes that we hope we will provide our families with goodness in the next few years.  The pleasure of farming is the opportunity it provides us to make people feel great! We love giving away food!  Don’t ask me why, but I find it soul satisfying to give the people I love and care about, food.  Whether, it is fresh from the garden or chicken coop or canned tomato sauce put up on a hot September day for use on a cold night when pasta with homemade sauce sounds awesome.

Julia wrote me an adorable e-mail when she first settled in to her apartment.  She gave me a very descriptive enjoyment on how delicious it was to eat the sauce cold out of the jar.  She said it tasted like home.  Yeah!

The nice thing about getting older is looking for ways to make our grown children comfortable.  They are now thrust into the world of adulthood and the only people who still allow them to act as children are their parents.  I see the transformation when my daughters walk through the door.  Forget being grown up…………let’s remember how good it felt… and they do.  Pictures, when the time does not permit, tell more than words could ever express.  Silent laughter and the shine in a daughter’s eye when she is looking at her sister or niece is priceless.

Jocelyn just asked me when she could see her friend Hannah who has really pretty eyes again.  Abbie responded that Julia’s hair is beautiful.  Isn’t is great that at 3 years old, they can connect and feel the importance of family.

My next post will be about Aunt Mary, Aunt Nora, Aunt Marian and their spouses.  Yes, we still have the jump rope Jim gave them at Thanksgiving.

Until later,



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  1. Amelia
    Mar 29, 2011 @ 17:19:17

    Grapes! That’s going to be great. I love the smell of the dark concords. Salmon Ceviche sounds yummy, but we don’t have Salmon here. We’ve been eating a lot of eating Grouper, Lionfish and snappers. The Mahi-Mahis are starting to show up. –A


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