what a week!

I thought that I would be able to write more this week but as it turns out………..life happens……………. At the least, Hannah is happily on her way to her 30th birthday location.   I spoke to her during her overlay in Atlanta and she sounded excited to be on her way……..girlfriends in tow!

Julia is having a productive week.  She seems to be extremely comfortable in her new role as snorkeling queen.  I hope she gets our package soon.

Monica is busy looking for a job and making a home for the girls.  I am very proud of her and James.   Life can be hard on us and  patience and respect are so important.  Most of all, communication is key.

Amelia sent us pictures of her new place.  It looks inviting.  Erin has returned safe and sound from Peru.  What a fun trip that was.

I ran into an old friend, Dawn, at the post office on Tuesday.  She looked so relaxed and meditative.  Life has finally given her a break.

Took Dad’s car to the repair shop.   It has a fuel leak and the brakes failed.  It will be nice to get that done.

All in all, it has been a very productive week.  Even got the refrigerator serviced!

Lost yet another chicken to the fox!  Down to the lucky 12!

As the twins told me Mickey says “Thanks for stopping by.


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