It all started with…………

Friday was supposed to be a simple day.  Get some shopping done at a local superstore, gardening and homemade pizza.  On our way out to town, we spotted a 27 ft. travel trailer for sale on the side on the road.  We had been talking about getting one for over a year but the opportunity never presented itself.  Captain Rick and I do not get out to town often, maybe once a month, so we had no idea how long the trailer had been for sale. While passing it,  I made a comment.   The Captain said “Lets check it out on the way back.”  Agreed.  We drove down the road and I commented again on how nice it look and it would be a great transport to Alaska.  We plan on doing some traveling in our retirement.

Annapolis was packed.  Captain Rick swore he would never to return but I reminded him how lovely a town it is in spring.  He agreed and  modified it to only Fridays. After several short stops including the Amish Market for breakfast, we arrive at the warehouse only to find it was equally mobbed.  Fortunately, we have been there enough times to know where everything is and a list is always essential.  With the cart loaded, we checked out, put the groceries in our own bags and left in less than an hour.

On the way home, we passed the trailer.  Drove right by it.  At first, I did not say anything.  Then I reminded Rick.  He turned the car around and  pulled up.  Even in the rain, we got out to look at it.  It was relatively clean on the outside and had no visible sign of an accident.  Peering in the window like children, our enthusiasm increased.  Should we call?  I voted yes and got in the car.  Rick made the call. Back in the car, he told me that the seller was only a few miles away and would meet us.

The rest is history.  We purchased the trailer and took possession the same day.  We are dubbing it the “twin’s playhouse” and they love it!  I will attach some photos including one of Abby mid air.

Take care and thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Nora
    Apr 10, 2011 @ 21:42:03

    I love it and it looks like the twins love it too. Congratulations and Happy Camping!


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