April Showers Bring May Flowers

I spent the day yesterday straightening the house after the grandkids visit over the weekend.  While they are getting really good about cleaning up after themselves….it is the mud of spring that I was dealing with.  The dogs took care of the food left on the porch.  Maggie loved the cereal and Hunter really enjoyed Abbie’s granola bar.   After the dogs did their work, (Ha), I took over.  Mud and spring are like two peas in a pod.

Abbie asked repeatedly over the weekend to go for a ride on the twactor.  She loves it.  The higher she is up in the bucket the better.  We have a serious roller coaster rider on our hands..  I am saying front seat roller coaster……… Erinlike!

Jocelyn is in love with our new Rockwood and asked repeatedly to go into the twailor and have lunch or maybe just sit there. When are we going camping Nana?

I have very fond memories of camping as a child.  My parents had a pop up which we took weekly up to Panther Lake in NJ.  We spent many a weekend there.  Cooking ahead of time was always fun and I can remember lugging water and applesauce cake eaten at the top of our street, minutes away from our home.

So we are going to take the girls camping with the blessing of their parents.  I can’t wait!

I did some gardening yesterday.  I have a subscription to an Organic Magazine and one of the readers sent in an idea for planting tomato plants one month early.  She planted the plants and reuse the bubble wrap she obtained around the tomato cage, attaching it with cloth pins.  I replicated her idea with 15 of our plants that we had grew from seed.  They ate Rutger tomato made famous from the Campbell soup company.

Until later.


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