Housekeeping 101

Wow!  Today, God decided it was time for me to clean the house.  I know this because it rained all day heavy and I could not play outside in the garden.  When I say clean, I mean it.  It took me over 5 hours to get it done.  It looks beautiful and I learned some short cuts that I thought I would share with you all.

First, start at the room furthest from the front door.  I know this might sound nuts but it works.  When I have a system about where to start and my objective is to leave, like the maids, it becomes more organized.

Second, take everything you need from the pantry or where ever you keep your cleaning products with you. I use a tote and I put in window cleaner,  paper towels, Drano, plastic gloves, toilet cleaner, Swiffer dusters and wand, trash bags, wood polish, granite polish. leather wipes and stainless steel wipes into the tote.  This saves me from leaving the room and reduces time spent away from the job at hand.

Vacumn last.  That is right. Our mom taught us to start at the top and clean your way down.  This hold true for rooms and furniture.

Empty the vacumn often.  This increases the suction and help you clean faster.

Drink lots of water.  This has  you hydrated and keeps you moving.  If you get bored, chew gum.

Play music.  I like instrumental music when I clean.  Directv 820 is my favorite.

Think positive.  Think about how healthy your living space will be when you get it done.

Celebrate a clean house!  I love it.

Until later,


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