Homemade Sauerkraut…Yummy!

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I made sauerkraut before we left for Maine.  We grow cabbage and love the taste of homemade sauerkraut.  It is so different from the store purchased kind.  If you ever have a chance to make it, it is worth it.

50 pounds cabbage, fine shred

1/2 cup kosher salt

In small batches, toss 8 cups of cabbage with 1 tablespoon of kosher salt.  Place layer the cabbage in a ceramic crock.  Place a plate of the sauerkraut as you work to compress it.  When the crock is 3 inches full from the rim, start another crock.  This recipe fills 2 25 gallon crocks.

Place the crocks in a cool dark place and let ferment for 30 days.  Skim off any foam as it produces.  I place a metal bowl of the top of the crock since I do not have a lid large enough.  This keeps the fermenting odor to a minimum.  When the sauerkraut has fermented, place in sterilized large mouth pint size mason jars.  Wipe the rim and seal with a lid.  Process in a water bath for 20 minutes.


Margaret Alice

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