I love to hear the twins sing!


Yesterday was a productive day.  I canned San Marzono tomatoes with basil, chow chow, vegetable broth from the scraps of vegetables used for the chow chow and watermelon pickles .

Monica cooked dinner for us and that was a great. Captain Rick and I had made smoked sausage with a mixture of venison and pork during deer season.  She removed the casing and sliced it into round coins.  She served this with homemade tomato sauce and whole wheat spaghetti.  It is so nice to have someone cook for you.   I truly appreciated it.  I was tired.  Captain Rick has had marathon fishing trips.

After Monica went to work at the hospital, we put the twins to bed and fell fast asleep ourselves.

Decoy, our chocolate lab  is officially an indoor pet.  After we had her spade this week.  Our black lab, Hunter and yellow lab, Maggie,  have rejected her.  I Poor dog…now she is being spoiled.  She plays dress up with the twins.  The twins brush her hair a lot and want to paint her toenails bright pink. Thus far, the nails have been a no-go.

Captain Rick is out in the garden picking tomatoes.  He says I should have several bushels to can this afternoon.  I will need to ride into town and pick up more lids. I have a lot of jars and reuse the bands.  I have even reused the lids if the rubber seal is still intact.  But, I have exhausted my supply.

My new drink is iced coffee.  The caffeine had the staying power as long as I don’t drink it after 5 PM.  It is so refreshing.  I felt bad not using all the coffee we make it the morning.  One day, Monica came home from work in the morning with a glass of iced coffee.  I tried it and it was love at first sip.  I put cinnamon in it as well as this is supposed to be good for your metabolism.

The twins are up and waiting to help me make breakfast.  In the meantime, they have Decoy, wrapped in a baby blanket that was hand made by their great Aunt Cindy.  Jocelyn is singing a song and Abigail is reading Decoy a book.

Captain Rick planted fields of sunflowers again this year.  There are several gardens surrounded our home.  We have dozens of yellow finches zipping about the yard.  They are truly a beautiful bird.  We do not feed the birds in the summer because Captain Rick says it makes them dependent on  you for food in the winter months.  The twins and I collect pine cones and cover them with peanut butter.  I fill a gallon resealable bag with bird seed and they shake the heck out of it.  We remove the pine cone and let it set.  We have given these as house gifts when we go to visit.  But for now, the yellow finches are munching on sunflower seeds.

My busy day is about to begin.  My motto for this day is to keep it simple, keep it real and laugh a lot.

See you later,



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