24 hours

Coming full circle.  I used to think that if I had just one extra hour a day in my life that it would make my life easier.  Why, I was not sure but it sounded like the next logical step.DSC_1625We would have more time to  take our 5 year old grand kids tubing!

They did have a blast in Maine.DSC_1612J catching her first fish.  What a montster…..DSC_0701A finding a snake in the yard and jumping in her new work DSC_0920boots. Loving Pop Pop in our home away from home.DSC_0914Snuggling twins…that is what we are talking about.DSC_0987J’s new friend, a frog.  No name was given. DSC_0899Bouncing on the bed and caught in midair.  Check out my hair Mommy!CIMG2786The day begins…………CIMG2781The chicken eggs are collected.CIMG2528we are still buddiesCIMG2514our snow man is dynamite!

We do not think we could play another hour!

Thanks for stopping by,

Margaret DBA Nana


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